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Testimonial: Philippe & Katharina

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Testimonial: Philippe & Katharina

Aloha Laki,

Thank you very much for your letter reaching us in far Switzerland.

Laki Kaahumanu praise.We often remember with pleasure our wonderful days in Maui with a perfect marriage on the 17th April 2009 at Makena Secret Cove.

Travelling is our passion so we seized the occasion to connect a beautiful holiday with a wedding-ceremony. We wouldn’t be married today if we didn’t decide to spend our last holiday on Hawai’i. For us the marriage on a Hawai’ian beach was a great experience that we never could have anywhere else in the world. Your wonderful ceremony, Laki, was for us very emotional and joined with the perfect organisation of Arabelle it really became the most beautiful day in our life. The Aloha Spirit that we met everywhere on the Hawai’ian Islands layed over our relationship and is still present in our daily life.

We send you in the attachment a few photos from our great day on Maui.

Again Mahalo for all and maybe meet you another time. All the best for you!

Philippe Waeger & Katharina Wegscheider Waeger


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