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Testimonial: Sarah & Christoph

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Testimonial: Sarah & Christoph

Aloha Pastor Laki Pomakai Kaahumanu!

How are you?
These are Sarah and Christoph writing. You married us on the 6th of may at Paipu Beach. And today we want to say Mahalo, Thank you and Danke! That was a wonderful day. The most beautiful day in our life. But without you, it would have never been so nice. We never met such a great pastor as you are. We could realize that beeing a pastor is not a job for you, its your life. We are so glad that we decided to choose you as our pastor. You’ve been so lovely and cute to us. We had so much fun. In Germany it’s often a very strict ceremony and everybody says everytime the same words. It sounds very dead. In contrast to that, our marriage here in Maui was full of love and every word which was spoken came out of the heart. We think everybody felt that!

We also want to say thank you for your present. It’s a nice song. We enjoy it very much!

Mahalo Nui Loa! Greatings from Germany!

Sarah and Christoph Kuffner

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